Welcome to Norum Physical Therapy LLC

Norum Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Timothy Norum, a licensed physical therapist, and has practiced for over 17 years. This extensive experience in both the hospital and out patient setting has allowed Tim Norum to treat a vast variety of injuries in patients of all ages.

Norum PT is committed to providing 45-60 minutes of one to one individualized care to each and every patient. By having the same licensed physical therapist each session, the patient can feel confident they are receiving the highest level of care along with a consistent treatment plan. This quality one to one care will be delivered in a relaxing stress free environment. Your physical therapy session will not only treat and improve your primary injury but will also have the added benefit of enhancing your overall health. This includes evaluating a patients balance, posture, core strength, muscle imbalance, and proper body mechanics. Essentially, treatment will involve evaluating the body as a whole, and not as an individual body part.


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Balance is an important part of a healthy and safe aging process. Norum Physical Therapy has balance training programs for all ages, particularly for the aging adult. This specialized training program is designed to help provide safety and increase confidence in every client’s daily activity.


Poor Posture

Poor posture is a major factor contributing to chronic neck and back pain. Norum Physical Therapy has a thorough neck and back program which combines corrective postural techniques, core strengthening, and dynamic exercise. This is a great program for clients striving to return to a pain free work environment or as a preventative measure for corporations to utilize to help decrease time lost due to neck or back pain.


Core Strengthening

Norum Physical Therapy has an unique and proven way of teaching core strengthening. By using a technique called tactile touch, the client is instructed to contract both the lower back muscles and the abdominal muscles to form a natural human brace that helps to prevent injuries to the lower back.